Competitive Fixed Returns Secured with Hard Assets

  • ICCL offers the ability to purchase immediate monthly cash flow payments with set fixed returns of 7% to 8% paid over 3 to 5-year terms.
    Compared to traditional fixed products, which carry different risks, ICCL’s cash flow payments can often provide up to 30% more monthly income than a similar option paid over the same period.
    A purchaser / IRA owner can customize a cash flow payment by payment amount or purchase price.
    Payments are received through a shared lease agreement with ICCL and are backed by a specific piece of equipment such as a semi-truck or heavy machinery.
    Businesses who lease the equipment are vetted and depend upon the leased machinery for their livelihood.
    If the lessee is unable to meet their obligation, ICCL will attempt to replace the lease to avoid any missed payments.
    In the event that a replacement lease is not made available, the purchaser is in a first position for collection and sale against the underlying asset (the leased equipment).
    ICCL’s ownership, through its affiliate companies offering other types of cash flow payments, has a perfect payment track record with no missed payments on over 4,000 contracts.

Examples of Customized Fixed Cash Flows for 3, 4, and 5 Years at 7%, 7.5% and 8%.

Example Purchase Price Term Effective Rate Monthly Payment Total Payment Received
$100,000 36 months 7.00% $3,060 $110,180
$100,000 48 months 7.50% $2,391 $114,814
$100,000 60 months 8.00% $2,001 $120,085

Minimum Purchase Amount: $50,000 / Purchase price must meet or be close to inventory purchase price. / Available with Non-Qualified and Qualified Funds

How it Works

Understand each step of Investors Choice Commercial Lease program and payment process.

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Important Information

Important questions and information about the Investors Lease Purchase and Assignment Agreement (LIPAA).

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Available Inventory

See currently available lease programs, rates, terms and purchase price.

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Non-Qualified Paperwork and Process

Access the ICCL’s Nonqualified Lease Agreement and steps needed to complete a cash flow purchase.

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Qualified Paperwork and Process

Access the ICCL’s Qualified (IRA/ROTH) Lease Agreement and steps needed to complete a cash flow purchase.

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